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Every day we scour thousands of events posted online across the country to get you on the water or on the trail. Whether you are looking for a race, a social paddle, something close to home, or planning your vacation, we can show you where to meet great people and do something you love.

Pavilion Adventures enables you to find your adventure, go play, and share the experience.

Our passion comes from our love of the outdoors and a recognition that unless people get out there, there will not be any “there” to go. So invite your friends, find something to do, pack up, and have fun.

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Play MoreFind events on the water, trail, and mountain.

Play MoreFind events on the water, trail, and mountain.

Play MoreFind events on the water, trail, and mountain.

Go for it — never miss a change to get out there.

Our mission is to get more people outside, so that together we can protect our wild places.

We leverage our technology expertise, our platform, and partnerships to provide automated marketing solutions for companies that share our mission. enables you to find events you can join on the water, trail, and mountain across the United States from social hikes, paddles, runs, organized tours, races, and classes.

From outdoor enthusiasts, advocates, specialty retailers, brands to tech-companies we believe through collaboration we can get more people outside.

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Hi! It’s Josh Bowers and Denise Parris co-founders of Pavilion
We are looking forward to connecting with you! Contact us at: & 407-462-6290
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