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Pavilion creates a virtual dialog between retailers and their customers. Our communication tool of choice is email. Unlike traditional ESP providers, Pavilion creates an individual email to every single email subscriber on a retailer’s email list selecting content and products tailored to the preferences of the person receiving the email.

No retailer effort required. Everyday Pavilion finds local events happening all over the United States, magazine and article content, and the in-stock inventories of our retailer customers. Pavilion then automatically distributes the content and promotions most likely to drive engagement and sales.


  • Josh Bowers
    Josh Bowers, MBA.
    Josh develops and implements innovative technology products that drive retail sales through personalizing and automating the shopping experience. Demonstrated success in leading partnerships to increase ROI for national, multi-national, and independent retailers and brands.
  • Denise Parris
    Denise Parris, MBA, PhD.
    Denise leads collaboration and research, working with industry to: develop new pricing practices that are personalized and customized to each customer, adopting new service technologies to gain deeper consumer insight, and hosting events to actively build communities.

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We believe good technology and good relationships come from collaboration and are committed to providing the highest quality service. Looking forward to working with you.

Josh and Denise, co-founders of Pavilion info@pavilionadventures.com or 407.462.6290

Our mission is to get more people outside, so that together we can protect our wild places.

We leverage our technology expertise, our platform pavilionadventures.com, and partnerships to provide automated marketing solutions for companies that share our mission.

Pavilionadventures.com enables you to find events you can join on the water, trail, and mountain across the United States from social hikes, paddles, runs, organized tours, races, and classes.

From outdoor enthusiasts, advocates, specialty retailers, brands to tech-companies we believe through collaboration we can get more people outside.

Let’s connect to make change happen!

Hi! It’s Josh Bowers and Denise Parris co-founders of Pavilion
We are looking forward to connecting with you! Contact us at:
info@pavilionadventures.com & 407-462-6290
or book a meeting with us.